THINK: Delicious

  • Black Rice Panna Cotta

    Irresistibly gorgeous and a snap to make, our version of panna cotta (Italian for cooked cream) is darker. Straying from tradition, the addition of pureed black rice enhances the texture, which is perfectly complemented by a blueberry coulis, dollop of whipped cream, fresh berries and some crunchy sesame snaps. An easy, impressive, delicious and gluten-free dessert. View Recipe.
  • Sweet and Salty Brown Rice Granola

    Granola is the best breakfast accessory and portable snack. This granola version incorporates brown rice in an unexpected way, extending its versatility as the perfect crunchy topper for a yogurt bowl or salad; a delicious all-day snack; or as a great addition to a cheese board. Bake once; use multiple ways. View Recipe.
  • Cilantro Green Rice

    Go green! For flavour and a pop of colour, consider this easy, delicious and gluten-free rice a new ‘go to’ recipe. This elegant dish is the perfect accompaniment to a holiday dinner, buffet or brunch and made quickly enough to be part of a weeknight or anytime meal. View Recipe.
  • Hawaiian Tuna Poke Bowl

    For a taste of Hawaii, try this healthy, gluten-free, poke (Poh-keh) bowl made with brown rice, fresh tuna and a mix of fresh and flavourful ingredients. For an additional flavour twist, we created a lemon pickle. Poke around your fridge and add other fresh produce to the bowl, you can’t go wrong. View Recipe.
  • Crab and Rice Stuffed Portobellos

    Appetizer? Side dish? Main? This easy and delicious Portobello recipe is so versatile it’s perfect for any occasion. The light cheese mix gently binds the flavourful crab and rice, creating a textured stuffing that perfectly caps off this mushroom. Oh, and, it’s gluten-free. View Recipe.

THINK: Smart Moves

  • Get moving with Kathy Smart, holistic nutritionist and fitness enthusiast. The fitness videos, which target beginner and intermediate levels, are fast and easy to grasp, thanks to Kathy’s great tips.

  • Your body runs on carbs, so fuel it properly. Rice is the perfect pre- and post- workout food, a slow burning complex carb that provides long lasting energy.