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Culinary Education

Developed in partnership with culinary instructors from across Canada, this award-winning USA Rice Education Guide has been presented to thousands of culinary students.

The hardcopy of the Guide comes complete with lesson plans, a CD of images for use in custom seminars and an instructional DVD featuring Chef Stefan Czapalay, our chef instructor who continues to deliver a lively and unique presentation of this material to Canada’s top culinary education institutions. All of this has been made available to help expand students’ knowledge of the value, variety and versatility of U.S. rice in the modern kitchen.

Here we have provided the core content of Guide and its accompanying CULINARY EDUCATION VIDEOS. It is our goal to ensure this information continues to be of use to the culinary industry and greatly value any feedback you may have.

Thank you and enjoy.

Rice Education Guide

Click here to download this guide as a pdf.

Instructor? Click here to order the Culinary Education package to include an instructional DVD and hard copy booklets.

IACP Award of ExcellenceThe USA Rice Education Guide has been recognized with an Award of Excellence by the International Association of Culinary Professionals.

Chapter 1 – An Introduction to Rice

  • What is Rice?
  • Rice in Canada and Around the World
  • World’s Top 5 Rice-Exporting Countries
  • Rice Production
  • History of Rice

Chapter 2 – Rice Types

  • Rice Types and Forms
  • Starch Content
  • Nutritional Qualities of Rice

Chapter 3 – Cooking Methods

  • Cooking Methods – Rules of Thumb (chart)
  • Cooking Methods
  • Storage
  • Extended Usage

Chapter 4 – Interesting and Fun Rice Facts

Chapter 5 – Recipes