Mississauga, ON, May 4, 2011 – A nutritional powerhouse and a foodie’s delight, brown rice adds a  satisfying texture and a sweet, nutty-flavoured healthy boost to classic recipes. As health professionals across the country tout the benefits of incorporating whole grains into one’s daily diet, brown rice has never looked – or tasted – better.  

“Whole grains offer vitamins and minerals, along with high levels of phytonutrients and antioxidants that work to keep the body healthy and ward off illnesses and certain diseases,” says registered dietitian Lydia Knorr. “As a whole grain, brown rice is a source of fibre which helps with digestive health, is free of cholesterol, sodium and fat and boasts all eight essential amino acids. It’s an excellent addition to your diet!”

Naturally gluten-free, brown rice is one of the least allergenic of all grains and also rates low on the glycemic index (GI), a scale that measures the speed at which foods raise blood sugar level. Low-GI foods like brown rice provide long- lasting energy which helps to sustain hunger and minimize snacking occasions.

Chef, cookbook author and mom Nicole Young enjoys serving meals with brown rice at home. “When planning for family meals, I look for foods that are nutritious, tasteful, versatile and cost-effective,” she says. “Brown rice satisfies these requirements and has the additional bonus of being easy to prepare.  As a parent, I feel good about feeding it to my kids.”

It’s easy to inject this healthy whole grain into classic favourites. These delicious recipes retain the flavour that families crave with the additional nutrients of whole grain brown rice.

Thai Green Chicken Curry with Coconut Rice

Thai Green Chicken Curry with Coconut Rice combines the subtle sweetness of coconut with traditional Asian ingredients and flavours, resulting in a mouthwatering meal that’s perfect for spring. Served over coconut brown rice, this dish is classic and simple.

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Brown Rice Risotto with Lemon and Fresh Peas

Brown Rice Risotto with Lemon and Fresh Peas offers a refreshing comfort food by combining refreshing lemon zest with seasonal ingredients such as fresh peas. Using short grain brown rice gives this dish a satisfying chewy texture and nutty flavour that delights the palate. It’s perfect for a week night dinner and the leftovers can be used for lunch the next day!

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Brown Rice Cuban Burgers

Brown Rice Cuban Burgers provide a flavourful, satisfying and healthy barbeque season for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. A wholesome, meatless option for a weeknight meal or backyard entertaining, these burgers are easy to prepare and convenient without compromising taste. Made with ingredients from all food groups, these burgers will put the nutritionally-sensitive mind at ease.

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Brown rice is rice in which only the hull has been removed. Varieties include brown, black japonica and aromatic red.

For rice-inspired recipes for every meal occasion, simple how-to preparation videos, storage tips and nutritional information, please visit the USA Rice Federation website at www.riceinfo.com.

Established in 1994 when the USA Rice Council, U.S. Producers’ Group and the Rice Millers’ Association merged to form an umbrella organization, the USA Rice Federation is a national industry association representing producers, millers and allied businesses.