The U.S. Rice Difference

Discover the difference American-grown rice can make! Held to the highest growing, milling, and quality standards, U.S.-grown rice is sustainably produced by a network of family farms.

Cooking with U.S.-grown rice ensures you are eating the world’s highest quality GMO-free rice while limiting your carbon footprint and delivering authentic flavours with every dish.


Why Choose U.S. Rice

Canada doesn’t grow rice, so when it comes to rice, Canadian consumers trust U.S. rice because it is the most local and reliable choice. American rice continues to be renowned for its consistency and high quality. The majority of rice on store shelves that is consumed in Canada is grown in the U.S.


Not only is U.S.-grown rice the most local choice, but it offers a consistent high quality because of the strong agricultural standards of U.S. farmers. Food safety is the top priority for U.S. rice producers, and with strong quality assurance and traceability rules, you can trust that U.S.-origin rice is a consistently high-quality product.


American rice farmers are committed to protecting and preserving natural resources while working continuously to significantly improve the quality and cleanliness of water leaving their farms. In the past 36 years, these farmers have increased rice yields by 53% while decreasing land use by 39%, energy use by 34%, and water use by 52% – and all achieved without the use of GMOs.