Powerful Nutrition

Comprised of slow-burning complex carbohydrates, rice provides long-lasting energy that fuels the body’s physical activity. This tiny but mighty grain packs a serious nutritional punch, providing more than 15 essential vitamins and minerals. White rice is a source of B vitamins, phosphorus, and zinc. Brown rice is a source of the same vitamins and minerals, plus it contains fibre, magnesium, selenium, and manganese.

  • All types of rice are naturally free of sodium (based on ½ cup serving) and gluten. Rice is also virtually fat free and, more specifically, it contains no cholesterol-raising trans-fat or saturated fat.
  • Rice is low in calories (100-115 calories per ½ cup serving) and brown rice is a whole grain that provides fibre that helps fill you up.
  • Parboiled or converted rice has a low glycemic index (55 or less) and is a slow carbohydrate; basmati or brown rice has a medium glycemic index (56-69).