USA Rice works with Canadian brokers, retailers/buyers, and foodservice partners to provide resources, tools, and mutually beneficial partnerships that help bring U.S. rice to more Canadian consumers, retailers, restaurants, and households coast to coast. Check out the USA Rice Federation’s supplier list to find a broker or distributor who can help you source your preferred varieties and volume of U.S.-grown rice.

Why U.S. Rice

Canada doesn’t grow rice, so U.S.-origin rice provides the shortest field-to-table journey.

Quality & Selection

Through the use of strong quality assurance and traceability rules, you can trust that U.S.-origin rice is a consistently high-quality product. Even better, the U.S. grows all rice varieties, and the premium selection allows you to consistently deliver a product that meets the dietary needs of most customers and fits any cuisine.


U.S. rice farmers are committed to protecting and preserving natural resources while working continuously to significantly improve the quality and cleanliness of water leaving their farms. USA Rice is an active participant in Field to Market, an alliance for sustainability across the agriculture and food value chain.

And the top reason U.S. rice should be your number one choice?

Because we’re ready to work with you to drive demand and sales of U.S. rice in Canada! USA Rice is looking for partners to collaborate with on joint promotional and marketing activities in Canada. Contact us to learn more.