Think U.S. Rice in Foodservice

Whether you represent an independent restaurant, national chain, public institution, or other foodservice business, USA Rice has resources to help your operation market and better utilize U.S.-grown rice. Enhance your foodservice program with on-trend rice recipe inspiration and custom learning tools from USA Rice.

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Here are some of our favourite reasons why U.S.-grown rice is great for foodservice:

Storability: Rice stores well without requiring costly refrigeration or freezer space. Kept in a cool place, milled rice lasts almost indefinitely, and brown rice lasts for several months—even longer when refrigerated.

Less Food Waste: Rice also makes the most of leftovers, with many recipes and applications for which day-old rice is ideal or where rice provides a substantial base for other leftovers. By utilizing leftover rice, restaurants can reduce food waste and lost revenue.

Easy to Make: Rice holds well and takes no special skill to prepare.

Inexpensive: Rice is a low-cost ingredient that provides great plate coverage, reducing your need for expensive center-of-the-plate proteins.

Unlimited Options: U.S.-grown rice comes in every shape, size, colour, and variety you can think of. Rice is also available in “instant” formats making it feasible for all types of operations, even quick service.

Flavourful: Different varieties of U.S.-grown rice bring different flavour profiles and aromas to the dish. Rice is also available in blends and seasoned mixes, adding flavour interest and creating shortcuts for delicious, finished dishes.

Globally Inspired: As a dietary staple for more than half of the world’s population, rice roams the globe. Appealing to Canada’s diverse population and culinary curiosity, rice is an essential component of the global flavours today’s patrons love.

Takeout Friendly: Rice travels well, making it perfect for delivery or to-go orders. Rice maintains its flavour and texture during delivery so you can ensure a quality customer experience regardless of delivery time.

Mass Appeal: Consider that rice is an affordable gluten-free option, a plant-based ingredient, and provides a nutritious, low-fat choice. Rice also appeals to all patrons, from the most adventurous taste-seekers to the pickiest little eaters.

Nutritious Food Source: Rice is a good source of fibre, vitamins and minerals, plus it’s naturally free of sodium (based on ½ cup serving) and gluten. Rice is also virtually fat free and, more specifically, it contains no cholesterol-raising trans-fat or saturated fat.