Good for the Environment

mallards flushing from rice

What’s good for rice is good for ducks! Eating U.S.-grown rice actually helps the ducks.

More than half of North America’s dabbling ducks winter in one of the following regions, which overlap with virtually all of the rice lands in America:

U.S. map with CA, TX, LA, MS - 50%

Rice farmers manage and pay for winter-flooded rice habitats providing


of all food energy for dabbling ducks that winter in rice growing areas.


Water is precious to both rice and waterfowl.

Limits on farmers’ access to water has dramatic harmful effects on wildlife habitat.


The cost of replacing existing rice habitat with managed natural wetlands is more than $3.5 billion.


moneybag-greenThat’s 3.5 times the original price tag of the North American Waterfowl Management Plan.

Click here to download the U.S. Rice Responsibly Grown fact sheet.